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This flat in Domburg invites 2 guests to spend their holidays in a modern, homely atmosphere. Decorated in a Midcentury Modern style, the accommodation meets modern tastes with bright, modern touches.

The terrace at the back of the house leads to the living and dining area. The cozy seating area invites you to relax after long beach walks or bike rides. Here you can also enjoy movies and television.
The kitchen is equipped with everything you need: fridge, freezer, cooker, spice rack and even a cooker that gives boiling water from the tap at the touch of a button.
The bedroom is a separate room and equipped with a large double bed. Plenty of storage space in the wardrobes ensures plenty of room in the room. The adjoining bathroom has a walk-in rain shower and a large illuminated mirror.

The terrace overlooking the greenery is equipped with great garden furniture. These invite you to end the day here after a long hot summer day.
Cars can be parked for free on the driveway in front of the house. Charging points for electric cars have even been installed.

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