Toorop in Domburg


Jan Toorop (Poerworedjo, 20th December 1858 - Den Haag, 3th March 1928) was the most important Dutch painter of the symbolism. His work evolved however to this style alongside his debuting impressionism in which he brought the light into colour, and his successive divisionism.

At the beginning of this century Toorop stayed at Domburg, at Walcheren, together with a group of friend-painters (including Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig (1866-1915), Marinus Zwart (1882-1970) and Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944)). There was no joint endeavour or common style. Each one was following its own individual personality, but they are looking for inspiration under ‘the light of Zeeland’ however, in dunes, the woods, and the characteristic population of Zeeland. Toorop was the centre of it.

The little shed of Toorop was initially a wooden pavillion in the dunes, built and initiated by Toorop in 1912 and meant to organize exhibitions for bathers. Fifteen painters were having a speech-making exhibition with 82 paintings, aquarelles and drawings. The shed collapsed within a year under a storm. A more solid construction nor did it out. Now is the little shed, adjusted by architect Cees Stam, raised as Marie Tak van Poortvliet museum in the centre of Domburg.

You could find here a review of a couple of work which are made by Toorop during his stays in Domburg.


Domburg laceworker - 1903

House with garden in Domburg - 1903

Werkers op het land bij Domburg - 1904

A view of Domburg - 1904

Potato lifters in a field, Domburg - 1905

Portrait d'Emma Bellwidt sur la plage de Domburg - 1905

Ploegende boer, Domburg - 1906

Strandgezicht te Domburg - 1907

Stream in a forest, Domburg - 1908

Boslaan, Domburg - 1908

Duinen en zee bij Domburg - 1908
Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Den Haag

Etang a Domburg / Pond in a forest near Domburg - 1908

Village street, Domburg - 1908

Zeeuwse meisjes te Domburg - 1909

Domburg women in the dunes - 1912

Een straat in Domburg / A street in Domburg - 1916

Miek Janssen mediterend in Domburg - Undated

Landarbeiders bij de Hoge Hil te Domburg - Undated