De Zeeuwsche - Golf course

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Golf course De Zeeuwsche in Middelburg is definitely worth a visit for all golfers. It features a unique driving range where you can tee off both into the water and on the grass, and a putting green where you can practice in peace. And, of course, you are warmly welcome in the cosy clubhouse with restaurant.

Our challenging par-3 course is accessible to everyone, even to golfers without a handicap certificate. The par-3 course is also particularly suitable for experienced golfers who want to improve their short game.

Furthermore De Zeeuwsche is near the following sights: Prison Island Middelburg (±250 m), Bounce Vally (±300 m), Mini Mundi (±400 m), Indoor Playground Monkey Town Middelburg (±400 m) & Indoor Karting Middelburg (±2,0 km).

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Paukenweg 1, Middelburg
tel. +31 118 606 767 
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