Piet Mondriaan - 1899

The light of Zeeland. We see it every day and because of this we are, logically, no longer dwell on the particularity of it. Still this bright light of Zeeland has brought us lots of beautifuls. This was for different prominent painters an important reason to perch here. Also for Pieter Cornelus Mondriaan (1872-1944).

In 1908 Mondriaan is spending for the first time two weeks in Domburg. He concentrates at four motifs from Domburg : the church, the lighthouse of Westkapelle, the dunes and the sea. He lived at the Zuidstraat at number 10.

His period in Domburg has been important for his development. For the first time he expressed the colours as he saw them, not as they were. A good example of this is the painting of the church tower. The colours differ from reality. Undoubtedly caused by the light of Zeeland.

As regards to lines Mondriaan adheres however a lot closer to reality. He based at a drawing of the tower whcih he made before. Through the simplification of the planes and the tightening of the colour the image gets a big monumental look. Later on Mondriaan continues with this. All memories about the tower are dropped and he left in a series of drawings only the rhythm of the building. He does the same thing with the lighthouse of Westkapelle.

Finally Mondriaan stayed with intervals until 1916 in Domburg. Here after he established in Laren where he is mainly engaged with writing down his theory in regard to the art of painting. You could find here a review of a number of works Mondriaan made during his stays in Domburg.


Domburgse molen - 1909

Duin II -1909

De kerktoren van Domburg - 1909

Strand bij Domburg - 1909

Zee na zonsondergang - 1909

Duin V - 1910

De kerktoren van Domburg - 1911

De rode molen - 1911

Duinen bij Domburg - 1911

De kerktoren van Domburg - 1914