Can I fly with a drone near Domburg?

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user Aarnout

Can I fly with a drone in the surrounding of Domburg?

user Rens (Employee)

You may fly a drone as an individual in the vicinity of Domburg if you adhere to the rules. Just as on the road, safety in the air is important—for both you and others. These rules are designed to keep drone flying safe.

  1. Check your drone and your liability insurance.
  2. Do not fly over people, (rail)roads, buildings, and other structures. Advice: maintain at least 50 metres distance.
  3. You must give way to all other aircraft and maintain distance from them.
  4. You must fly at a safe distance from people and buildings.
  5. You must always be able to see your drone.
  6. You are not allowed to fly in the dark.
  7. Do not fly higher than 120 metres.
  8. Stay away from airports and other no-fly zones (at least 3 kilometres).
  9. Filming or photography: respect everyone's privacy.
  10. Flying over Natura 2000 areas (protected nature reserves) is not permitted.

The current drone regulations (for the vicinity of Domburg) can be found on the website of the Dutch government:

However, drone regulations frequently change and are generally becoming stricter. We therefore advise you to regularly check if the current drone regulations have changed.

Commercial use of a drone?

You may only fly a drone commercially if you have a licence. You can apply for this licence at the Inspection for Living Environment and Transport (Il&T).

Commercial use is considered if you intend to make money with the drone, such as video production companies making aerial recordings. It may also be that you need a drone for your business operations. This applies, for example, to inspection companies wanting to view hard-to-reach places. In these cases, commercial use is also considered.