Health and beauty center De Parel - Wellness center

Health and beauty center De ParelHealth and beauty center De Parel

Domburg was already known as a health resort in the previous century. In memory of the famous Dr. Mezger many royals chose Domburg as a refuge because of its healing climate.

The fresh air and the beautiful light at sea make Domburg a special place. In health and beauty center de Parel, you will forget all your worries and you will cure responsibly. A professional team will be on hand to ensure you total relaxation.

In health and beauty center de Parel you can find for example:
* Massages
* Skin Care
* Skin Rejuvenation
* Pre-and post-treatments
* Cosmetic surgery
* Body care
* Tanning Salons
* Pedicure
* Manicure
* Complete beauty days
* Special corporate packages and treatments
* Special children and group celebrations
* Restaurant
* Sauna with in- and outdoor pool
* Spa Baths
* Outside Patio and relaxation area

What's holding you back? See you in De Parel!

For information:
Babelweg 2, Domburg
tel. +31 118 588 260
web. Website