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The Old Town Hall on the Market in Domburg is not only an eye-catcher due to its impressive architecture but also a silent witness to the rich history of this town. With its foundations likely dating back to 1545 and the current structure built in 1567, it represents the second oldest building in Domburg, after the church.

What makes the Old Town Hall in Domburg so special?

Discover the Past and Present at the Old Town Hall

A visit to the Old Town Hall in Domburg offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, while also providing a unique shopping experience in a historical setting. Don't miss this special place during your visit to Domburg.


Name: Town Hall of Domburg
Year of Construction: 1567
National Heritage Site: Since 1966
Accessible to the Public: Yes, the building is used as a shop.

Furthermore Old Town Hall is near the following sights: Gallery Zeevonk (±40 m), Marie Tak van Poortvliet (±70 m), Spa Domburg (±200 m), Badpaviljoen (±250 m) & Villa Carmen Sylva (±250 m).

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Markt 1, Domburg