Weltevreden Mill

Weltevreden Mill - 1 Weltevreden Mill (June 2017) - #2

The Weltevreden Mill was a source of inspiration for the many painters working in Domburg, such as Toorop and Mondriaan. This brick ground-sailer from 1817 has seen several extensive renovations since. The mill is property of the Veere municipality.

The moving wheel of the mill is quite rare. The spokes are not perpendicular to the axis but are rather pointing somewhat backwards. The height of 22 meters makes the mill clearly visible.

Furthermore Weltevreden Mill is near the following sights: Marie Tak van Poortvliet (±200 m), Tennis in Domburg (±250 m), Old Town Hall (±250 m), Gallery Zeevonk (±300 m) & Badpaviljoen (±500 m).

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Roosjesweg 2, Domburg