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Non-members are warmly welcomed to rent a tennis court in Domburg. This provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sport of tennis in Domburg without any commitment. Located in a unique setting, L.T.C. Domburg offers superb facilities for both recreational and more competitive tennis players.

What does L.T.C. Domburg offer?

Rent a Tennis Court

Experience outdoor tennis at L.T.C. Domburg where sportiveness and sociability go hand in hand. Rent a court and discover why so many people choose us for an active outing. Come and hit some balls on the beautiful courts of "De Kikkerpit"!

Furthermore Tennis in Domburg is near the following sights: Weltevreden Mill (±250 m), Spa Domburg (±300 m), Marie Tak van Poortvliet (±300 m), Old Town Hall (±400 m) & Gallery Zeevonk (±400 m).

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Schuurmanstraat 129a, Domburg
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