Résidence Wijngaerde - Apartment

Résidence Wijngaerde - 1 Résidence Wijngaerde (November 2012) - #2

Residence Wijngaerde is situated in the heart of Domburg. This friendly Zeeland town has lost none of its charms and qualities. As in times past, it is still the sea, the nature and the ambiance that brings people a sense of calm, inspires them and draws them to Domburg. Domburg has an appealing shopping centre with boutiques, galleries, small shops and many eateries and cafés. Nestled in the foot of the dunes near the Residence lies an 18-hole golf course. Just a short walk away you will find an expansive beach, part of the North Sea coast, offering you every opportunity to walk, swim and sunbathe.

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Wijngaardstraat 19, Domburg
tel. +31 118 588 200 
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